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Installation And Maintenance of Air Conditioning

Since 2005, we have been providing professional installations, repair and servicing of air conditioning systems throughout Bedford and the surrounding areas. Serving all types of commercial customers & residential customers has given us vast experience and knowledge. In result of this, we have been able to build an excellent reputation for installing the best systems while also providing energy and cost-efficient solutions to your A/C problems.

An incorrectly fitted or badly regulated air conditioning system not only fails to achieve its purpose but also wastes energy, while also increasing power bills. Before we select your A/C system, we make sure to evaluate every customer’s needs. This allows us to calculate the heat load requirements to achieve your desired heating and cooling levels.

Air Source Heat Pumps in Bedford

Our tailored air conditioning installations are based on ASHP systems which have many benefits for the customer such as:

Energy Efficient & Lower Running Costs

ASHP systems use less energy and are extremely cost-effective compared to other air conditioning installations. This will save you considerable amounts of money on fuel costs.

Low Maintenance

Air source heat pumps are extremely reliable and require little maintenance. They can last for around 20 years or more when they are looked after properly, although they don’t need a lot of maintenance yearly checks are advised.


ASHP systems can lower your carbon emissions since they use air as a renewable source of energy to warm or cool a building. You can even make them completely carbon-free if you use something like solar panels or wind turbines to run it rather than electricity.

Provides Heating & Cooling

ASHP systems work by transferring heat that was absorbed by outside air into an indoor space to heat a room or building. However, they not only provide heat but can also provide cool air too, working like a refrigerator.

Air Conditioning Repairs and Service

Even the best systems need to be maintained properly to operate at their maximum efficiency. Air Conditioning maintenance is crucial to avoid any problems, here at ETUK we carry out regular checks to ensure your air conditioning service runs smoothly and efficiently. We carry a huge assortment of spare parts and our engineers are adept at spotting potential problems before they become serious. This will ensure that your A/C system runs at maximum efficiency with little or no downtime.

A Complete Solution

Whether you require a small installation or air conditioning for a whole office block, we will provide the total solution in Bedford and the surrounding areas. To discuss your needs and get expert advice, call our friendly team on 01234 772 278 or use our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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