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Cooling Solutions

Dealing with the heat generated in data centres has become an industry focus to improve efficiency, reduce operational costs and help lower a business’s carbon impact. Partnered with the leading Manufactures in data centre cooling, Environmental Technology UK Ltd possesses extensive knowledge and experience in designing and deploying a vast range of cooling solutions, so you can be confident that we will match the right solution to your specific needs and requirements. Our modular and fully scalable cooling solutions provide air distribution and heat removal at rack, row and room level, eliminating hot spots and giving you the most effective performance for the least usage of floor space.

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Room Air Conditioners

Maintaining temperature and humidity within extremely tight tolerances

Environmental Technology UK Ltd will design edge precision cooling solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of your data centre. Whether you have racked or non-racked loads, room air conditioners are efficient, modular and provide flexible room level control to meet the diverse requirements of any data centre environment.

Close Control Air Conditioners

Providing energy efficient cooling from low to high density racks

Intelligent controls actively adjust fan speed and refrigerant flow to match the IT heat load to maximise efficiency and remain agile to the data centre environment. The modular design makes close control air conditioners ideal for organisations looking to improve efficiency or deploy high density servers.


Containment and Rack Air Distribution

Managing airflow for rows, racks and hot spots

Incorporated into an aisle containment solution, this design prevents hot air recirculation, while improving cooling predictability and availability. In row cooling is ideal for the deployment of high-density server installations where cooling requirements may vary depending on load and the variable speed fans. Driven by the rack inlet temperature sensor, they ensure the correct amount of cooling is delivered as required.


Cold Aisle Containment Solution (CACS)

One of the most widely-recognised data centre cooling systems, CACS manage air flow by restricting the loss of cold air and preventing the mixing of cold and hot air. Designed for server and network cabinets, server rooms and data centres, CACS maximise cooling predictability, capacity and efficiency. Our range of containment solutions offer the option to include racks of all sizes and by all manufacturers, as well as spacers to fill gaps in a row of racks and blanking panels to fill the gaps between the IT equipment in the racks.

Hot Aisle Containment Solution (HACS)

Gaining increasing popularity in line with the evolution of denser computers and power loads, HACS ensure that hot exhaust air from the racks is contained within the aisle to enable the rest of the data centre to become a large reservoir of cold air. HACS is similar to CACS in the sense that racks are usually lined in rows to form pods. Environmental Technology UK Ltd supplies a range of HACS to improve cooling efficiency and effectiveness.


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