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Here at ETUK, we have an expert team of engineers who install, repair and service air conditioning units throughout Fulham and nearby area. We provide a cost-effective solution for people who are in need of air conditioning, delivering personalised services to meet everyone’s specific requirements.

Low Maintenance Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps (ASHP) systems have many benefits for your air conditioning unit. With its dual-purpose technology, you can regulate the temperature within your property regardless of what time of year it is. They are extremely energy-efficient, they save you money whilst also reducing your carbon footprint. In addition to this, heat pumps are low maintenance and highly reliable.

Reliable Air Conditioning Call Outs

We offer air conditioning repairs services throughout Fulham and the surrounding areas. Even the best installations require regular maintenance to ensure they are operating at maximum efficiency. We have fully qualified and highly experienced engineers to carry out routine or emergency air conditioning repairs.

Regular maintenance is crucial in ensuring you are getting the best out of your unit. Our experienced engineers are on hand to carry out an air conditioning service to keep your unit running at its peak efficiency. Our engineers carry a range of spare parts and have a trained eye when it comes to spotting any potential issues. This allows them to resolve any problems before they become a serious issue, ensuring your air conditioning system is working efficiently at all times.

A properly installed and maintained air conditioning unit can pay dividends in terms of comfort and cost. Regardless of whether it’s just a small installation for an office or a much larger installation for a whole office block or workplace. We provide high quality and budget-friendly solutions for customers in Fulham.

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