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"recovering heat for the whole house that would of otherwise been lost"

Heat Recovery and Climate Control Systems

Air conditioning can be expensive. A buildings air conditioning system doesn't just have to battle against the outside temperature, but also against the heat produced by people, computers and lighting. Indeed, the Carbon Trust estimates that, even in the UK's temperate climate, air conditioning uses as much energy as heating a building during the colder months while also working against government guidelines to reduce carbon emissions.

We now use more air conditioning than ever before and it's estimated to increase by 400% by the year 2020. The impact will be felt not just by the environment but also in companies running costs. Yet a good deal of that energy is wasted; simply vented to the outside of a building once its job of either heating or cooling is done.

The principle of Heat Recovery is to eliminate lost and wasted energy in a building by re-using it in other areas. Additionally, "free" sources of energy, such as outside air for air conditioning, are integrated into a buildings climate control. This combination produces an energy efficient working environment where different areas are kept at a temperature that suits their purpose.

The Benefits of our Heat Recovery Systems?
  • Reducing your heating costs
  • Introducing fresh air while maintaining room temperature
  • Climate control management system
  • Same system also used in summer periods to cool rooms
  • Clean fresh air continuously
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Heat Recovery Diagram

Quality Heat Recovery Systems

For example, servers are kept cool so they work as efficiently as possible and offices are kept slightly warmer so staff are not only comfortable but also as productive as possible.

As specialists in installing energy efficient air conditioning systems, at ETUK Ltd we pride ourselves in fully understanding our clients needs and providing a high quality solution that will give cost effective climate control for years to come.

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