Pros & Cons of Air Conditioning

Installing air conditioning is definitely not as cheap as picking up a fan from your local supermarket. However, unlike a fan, air conditioning blows out actual cold air rather than just blowing around air that is already inside a hot room. Air conditioning has its cons as well as pros, this blog post will go through both, to help you decide whether it is the right choice for you.

Con – Higher Energy Bills

Of course, the price could be an issue for some people, luckily air conditioning is not usually as expensive to run as a lot of people may think but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any additional costs at all. These machines will increase your energy bills, especially compared to a fan. Make sure to keep this in mind when purchasing one and do some research beforehand for a rough estimate of monthly costs.

Pro – Prevents Everyone From Overheating

While at work, the worst feeling is sitting there in the boiling heat, not being able to focus because you are so hot. Although the warm weather is nice, especially because it is so rare in England, there is a point where the heat gets uncomfortable and it can impact concentration. In extreme temperatures, this heat can even lead to heatstroke as the body is unable to regulate its temperature. Air conditioning allows you to bring the temperature down in the summer months preventing heat stroke and loss of productivity.

Con – Dry Skin

While clean filtered air, circulating around the room is a good thing for your health, your skin may be suffering instead. Air conditioning can result in the skin losing its moisture to become very dry and irritated. However, this is an easy fix, having a good hand moisturiser on your desk and using moisturising hand wash can combat dryness caused by air conditioning. It is a small price to pay for a perfectly cooled room.

Pro – Better Air Quality

Not only do these devices cool you down but they also clean the air. Air conditioning units will usually have filters in them which can catch any dust or pollen in the air. This is great for people who have allergies since the air conditioning can remove them from the room. While air conditioning helps to create a healthier and cleaner environment, this only works if the filters are cleaned. If the filters get clogged with dust because of lack of cleaning, it can actually have the opposite effect and the dust can be blown back into the room, so checking filters regularly is a must.

Con – Maintenance & Repair

Once installed, these machines are very easy and straightforward to operate, however, when it comes to repairs, a professional will always need to be called in due to their intricate internal machinery. Unfortunately, it is not only when you need a repair that a professional will be needed, annual maintenance checks are also required. Luckily some companies will provide maintenance contracts which mean you don’t have to think about a thing and every year you will get your check done and probably at a lower price than people who aren’t on a contract.

Pro – You Pick The Temperature

English weather is highly unpredictable, one moment it is pouring with rain and the next you are in the 30+ degree heat. Having air conditioning allows you to have a consistent temperature no matter the weather. Air source heat pumps are an even better option, these allow you to either heat or cool a room if you decide the ideal temperature is 22 degrees and it is hotter than this in summer, it will cool the room down but in winter it will heat the room up.

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