Why Should You Install Air Conditioning in an Office?

Many studies have taken place to find out whether the temperature of an office affects productivity. It is often found that by having an office that is either too hot or too cold, productivity will be affected. This post should help you to understand more about why air conditioning should be invested in for an office, even in England.

Happy Employees

In a study conducted by FMJ, it was found that one-third of workers lose productivity due to unsuitable temperatures within the office. This, in turn, negatively affects output and suggests that businesses could be losing 2% of office hours due to workers not being able to concentrate properly due to uncomfortable temperatures.

Unfortunately, the regulations in the UK in regards to the temperature of an office is extremely vague. The only thing that is stated about temperatures is that ‘during working hours, the temperature in all workplaces inside buildings shall be reasonable.’ This statement, therefore, is open to interpretation, however, it is in the company’s best interest to provide a good working environment that is neither too hot nor cold to keep employees happy and increase productivity.

Benefits of Having the Right Office Temperature

Most companies in the UK will have heating in their buildings but air con is something that a lot of owners don’t consider a requirement. Understandably, the UK doesn’t have nice weather that often but when it does, you should still want your workers to be in a comfortable environment. These are some of the beneficial things that come with installing air conditioning, aside from productivity.

Energy Efficient

Unlike older versions,  air conditioning systems these days are efficient and affordable. ASHPs are a great option because they can work to increase and decrease the temperature of office spaces in a very energy-efficient way.


When temperatures outside are cooler than they are inside, humidity levels can rise in the office. This increased humidity can make it feel a lot hotter than it really is, as well as creating a perfect space for mould to grow which can lead to respiratory issues. Air conditioning helps to regulate these humidity levels and create a comfortable environment.

Air Quality

The air quality within an office can be improved by air conditioning, as it can help to filter allergens, dust and bad odours. This will help to reduce the chances of colds, allergies and respiratory problems. 

Noise Reduction

Fans can often be quite noisy, annoying and can be quite a hindrance in terms of space, you may also need multiple units to create a cooler environment for everyone, especially if you have a bigger office. Unlike, air conditioning systems which are usually very quiet so workers won’t be distracted by the sound and can provide ample cool air for larger spaces too. 

Keep Equipment Cool

Many offices are filled with a lot of expensive equipment including computers. This kind of equipment needs to be kept cool otherwise you could risk them overheating, causing them to break. So the addition of an air conditioning unit can help to reduce the chances of your electrical equipment being damaged due to heat. 

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